1 lis 2011



I didn't post anything for so long! Gasp I feel awfull... but really didn't have anything from my personal stack to show of on the blog. But thanks to my friend and halloween I manage to create this little picture of my character bunny dressed up as Chopper from One Piece. As now I'm not an anime fan but I always liked the series and that lil' raindeer was my fav character from it plus the frikking awsome hat :D!

(click for a bigger version)

I'm working on a new pic also so watch out for it. In like a day or two I should finish it and present on this blog and my galleries, it's something diffrent than usual. For now Happy Halloween! :)

7 wrz 2011

Character Dev: Dasher

because of a few things I fall behind with my artwork and art in general so I try and catch up today!

But the thing I want to present today is another character I created. It all began some time ago when I started to think about a kids book as I want to create one in the future. But I need a proper cast for it and recognisible characters and at that point a whole thinking process went into motion. Preaty much everyone knows my Bunny character was created like in 5min, so I told myself I will take this one slow. Thought carefully about his features and characteristics. Slowly I thought of a dog character which will be a true friend, not cunning or taking interest only for himself just being there for people in need, loyal - like a dog :).

These are the first doodles sketches of him, starting from facial expressions to making him all fuzzy then made him simpler to see how he presents himself to finally sketching out his body and features.

As you can see I picked a Border Collie, why? Because I always wanted a dog like that so there I gave my personal touch to him. Yet for over a month he kinda slipped my mind... and I returned to him with a new idea about his look and making him look like a proper collie pup so here I present you the final design :)

The name was a tricky part as I take my time to think of a name that is catchy and fits a character, so by some help and inspiration from Oliver and Company (a movie made by Disney) with a very cute character called Dodger and looking at some pet name pages I thought of Dasher :).

So here you have a small story and what thinking process I was through to make my beloved puppy character :).

7 lip 2011

Hanging around

Hai again!
Being free is so awsome, no pressure with commissions gives me a really nice kick with my personal work. Funny thing that after quickly doing one commissions on FA and a gift pic for a very cool artist I said to myself "Bah! Let's do a days break from drawing" ... so I did... till 22:00 that day. I sat down and started sketching and came up with this pic for a very talented artist which kinda inspires me to go forward with my own stuff.

Step 1.
Thinking of the pose and sketching it out. (First time tried sketching something on a darker background for better visualization)

Step 2.
Doing the flat colors.

Step 3.
The final picture with details.

So yep experimented a little :) and did the picture without a black lineart. Hope you like the end result.

2 lip 2011

Character Developement

Finally finished doing my commissions and gift stuff so I can focus on doing personal drawings. So here I present you a redesign of my character. Well I didn't do much changes! But Change the leg shape make them more stubby and short with bigger paws giving him a more bunny look than the previous one. Hope it worked :)! Also I was wondering about some alternative clothing for him like for late summer or something. By influence of my real clothing I gave him a dark hat and crimson red longsleeve.

Small changes but subtle.

(click for a full view)

Well thats it for now, gonna do another upload preaty soon :)

16 cze 2011

Doodles are fun!

Well didn't post stuff in ages! Gonna change that, by adding some stuff which actuall made me happy. Like todays fast "warm-up" doodle before my stream :) So I present you this. It's a picture inspired by a guy which was really bored and my friend Yotie asked me if I think about imagining him in that role?

Anwser YES! But more crazy.

Here is the original video, thanks and stay tooned for more stuff soon :)!!!

29 maj 2011

Put our diffrences away

Hi and welcome!
After a few days of struggling I can proudly present you my second painting like picture made with the meaning to my closest friends. Which is a small step forward with forms, maybe volumes.
The picture presents Yotie and Bocian, a bunny and coyote two diffrent species... predator and prey yet do to their diffrences they appreciate and respect eachother and manage to be friends.

Wouldn't the world be better like this? With Tolerance?

So here is a progress shot of the whole pic:

Step 1.
Picking the pose and doing a sketch.

Step 2.
Adding flat colors on the charactrs and determing the line flow.

Step 3.
Smooth shading and adding the background.

And thats the whole pic, hope you like it ;). I will do more of these in the future!

15 maj 2011

Doing something good!

Welcome again :)!
This time I decided to do something good... yes I'm not always about money or being selfish as somepeople intend to think, I also have a soft side ;) and I decided to do a chartity stream on which people would be able to request small price doodles for a good cause.

Thanks to all which participated in my stream and donated money I'm really gratefull and touched that I manage to gather a very nice sum of money for all those poor animals in Ciapkowo :) Soon I will do all the transfers and post a reply mail from them.
For now here you can see all the small happy doodles made!!!

 (click for a full view)

1 maj 2011

Nightfirer Rat progress

Hello and welcome after a short break!
Today I'm going to present to you another of my lineless pictures, luckily this one is a commission so I'm very proud and happy someone actually wanted to order this type of artwork! So here as a small bonus I present you  three stages of making that kind of type of picture.

Step 1.
Simple sketch.

Step 2.
Flat colors.

Step 3.

So there you go :) step by step how a simple sketch turns into a fully shaded picture. Stay tooned for more lineless pictures!

10 kwi 2011

Can I be your Buddy?

Welcome again!
This time I decided to draw a small thing for Buddy. A performer from the US which videos made me laught in an instant and I really appreciate when a suiter actually talks and with such personality. So yeah I kinda thought I must make a toon out of him. Very simple but energetic pic presenting his catch phrase.... (I don't count the YAAAAAAY's xD)

9 kwi 2011

Every one loves 'em!

Hello again!
Today after finishing my commission, I thought what else I can do today? So a had a small brain storm and I reminded myself of a very silly situation and came up with this pic. It's nothing big :3 but I like it! Always relaxing to do something simple and fun!

He loves his sticks... hahaha xD.
For AuraFox :3 

3 kwi 2011

Go with the flow... Finished


I present you my current project which is a lineless painting like picture, which absorbed about 4-5 days of streaming but finaly it's done! I'm really happy how this picture turned out! I treat is as a huge milestone! as this is to what I manage to progress during ONE YEAR of drawing! Yay for me :D!

The picture represents Bocian and Ekorren offering his last acorn, like a true friend which will help you whenever he can overcome his own needs. So this picture has two meanings, 1 it's my milestone and 2 a small gift for my friend!

Here I present two versions of it, a white background one to see the character details.
Also see the sketch version: http://bocianart.blogspot.com/2011/03/go-with-flow.html

And a fully finished one :)!

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

1 kwi 2011

Quick fun!

Hai again!
As a small break in coloring my 2 big projects which absorb all my time now, I decided to draw a fast picture for Titash of his character eating NutleKat! He's so messy doing it, at least he didn't mess up Bocian's lucky hat! Good luck with your future projects and hope all your troubles be gone with the power of Nutlekat!

Speed picture... kinda finished it in 1h30min.

27 mar 2011

Go with the flow...

Hai again!
Recently I have my ups and downs, but I try and not forget to train and draw. So did a day, two break from commissions to stand on my feet and decided to sketch some today. Develope my brain a bit and go with the flow with out planning anything with the picture! *dumDumDUM* well mainly the point was to think about it while drawing and being very chaotic. So I started with the face construction next added a hat so I was like "ok so I'll draw my character" quickly give him a pose and while finishing my bunny, there was something missing. In my head I pictured a butterfly of magic mashroom... but in the end I decided to add my friend Eko.

This is a Work-In-Progress! I will finish this picture soon, just thought to show the sketch exclusive on my blog :).

My sketches are very sloppy and still trying to make 'em look good, not only as a end product. Well thats the wonderful way of progress.

25 mar 2011

CandyCorn progress.

Today I bring you something a bit diffrent, my own personal work not a commission and more over it's a picture for my friend Richard which always guided me with my art and how to tweek some stuff in my works. I'm very grateful for all he has done, so at least I can give him this!

I've done this picture in a totaly diffrent technique, no lines just color volumes :).

Step 1.
The sketch phase, a quick simple sketch with a normal round base for a head so everything can be in good proportions.

Step 2.
As it's a lineless picture, I added only flat colors and a background to see where I would draw the borders and slowly plan out the light and shadows.

Step 3.
The final one, where I gave all the shades and highlights by adding diffrent colors not just darker versions. Which gives the picture more soul and a more appealing look.

Hope you did like to see how my artwork changed from a simple (yet very messy) sketch to a fully shaded artwork in 3 steps. If you like to see such content, please feel free to leave a comment here :)!

Stay tooned for more :D!

14 mar 2011

... another one for this night!

Yes, I manage somehow to upload one more commission this night. Though I was preaty tired and sleepy, I said to myself "Hell no, I have to!". This time work for Chimaera from FA with his bunny playing a banjo, recently I'm practicing to get a better hold of volumes in my characters. Hope I'm going in the right direction!

Enought for one night of livestreaming :) catch you all someother time!

First addition to the blog :)!

Hello :D!
Decided to add the first full drawing to my art blog, which is a commission for Albus from FA.
Everybody always asks for cheerful and happy characters, yet he decided to challenge me with a depressive looking one. I loved the idea and did the picture with all my heart!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Stay tooned for more :)!

10 mar 2011

Commissions and Rules

Here you can find basic information about commissions, how to place your order and how the process looks. But before you would like to place an order look on the price list picture and then continue to the rules :).

(Click to enlarge)



- gore
- adult related artwork (if I ever would it will cost twice as much, for now I want my art to be clean)
- fetish
- humans
- realistic things
- trying to avoid copyrighted characters such as those which belong to Disney, Warner Bros. ect

2. You can always ask me of how complex drawing I can do, so we can discuss that. Please take in mind I have my limits and when you want a drawing above my skill level I will say simply "no".

3. If your order doesn't fit me because it's disgusting, violates any of my rules or your an untrusty person, I also will decline your order.

4. I accept PayPal only, if your from Poland you can do a money order (take in mind I will just recalculate from Euro to Złoty). Please choose "Personal Used - gift" when paying, so it won't cost me fee.

5. IMPORTANT! Because of some people here and around artist, I take money in front for my work!

6. If your not active on FA or DA please leave a contact to your self, mail or skype or send a mail to: bocian(at)bocian.im or commission(at)bocian.im

7. Feel free to submit it anywere you like with giving me credit,
Do not claim the art done by anyone else but me.
You ARE NOT allowed to resell the art!
In case you wish to use it for designs (for yourself), contact me first.


1. Flat colored character - 15€ - Lineart with basic coloring, no shades or background
+ basic shades - 5€ - Basic cell-shading
+ soft shading - 10€ - smooth shades
+ simple background - 5€ - simple flat color or a mix or a fading one
+ detailed background - 10€ - background with objects of your choice can be simple or more paint like
+ extra characters - 50% of the original price

Prices can change due to complexity of the order.

If you wish to order, send me a note with details of your order. A reference sheet of your character or rought sketch with a description which "options" you'd choose for your order. You can let me have a free hand with my drawing or give me some pointers what you want like pose, facial expression ect. Please take in mind im a beginer and I can't draw everything, if I find your order strange or improper I'll just cancel it. Regulary you will get a picture 1500x1500 (more or less that size) in 300 DPI as a PNG file. (canvas sizes can be changed)

I would like my order to be in this form it will make it easier for both sides:


1. Which options you've choose:
- One character - 15€+ soft shading - 10€+ detailed background - 10€= 35€ in total

2. Reference sheet, picture or sketch:

3. Describtion:
"I want my character with girlie cloths sitting on a couch."


When I get the note with your order I will think it over if you don't break any terms or rules also might ask a few questions about the commission itself if I wont get proper info. After setting all the important things I will give PayPal information. When I see payment I will know I can start working on the commission, the time of finishing might be diffrent from the complexity of your order. I'll try to do em ASAP, but remember I have a normal full-time job and I draw at night time. Usually I will stream it but on special demand I can do it in secret from the world. So average waiting time can be like a night or 1 day for normal pictures, as for shaded works in can take up to 2 days or more. So if your willing to wait I will be more than happy to draw for you. I can assure you from my side I will be 100% honest and trustworthy for you as my client. So I'll do my best and hope you will like your commission! :3

9 mar 2011

What do I use?

On my stream people often ask me what tablet do I use? When I started drawing/coloring on the PC I had a Pentagram Titan pen tablet which was ok yet it didn't have enough pressure sensitivity and didn't work with the programs as I wanted  to... so in october 2010 I bought a new one.

I bought the Wacom Intuos 4 L pen tablet and from that day my adventure with drawing just begun. I had all that I need great pressure sensitivity acurate DPI and with the new technology used in this model you can do wonders in preaty much most graphic programs there are allowing you to draw smooth lines. So after purchasing this tablet and buying additionaly Paint Tool Sai and Corel Painter 11, I started trully to develop my style.

What do you get buying this tablet?
  • Intuos4 large pen tablet
  • Intuos4 Grip Pen
  • Intuos4 Mouse
  • Pen stand
  • Ten replacement nibs (five standard nibs, one flex nib, one stroke nib, and three hard felt nibs)
  • Nib extractor
  • 2.5m USB cable
  • Quick Start GuideInstallation CD (includes tablet driver software and electronic user manual)
+ when you register your tablet at the Wacom webpage you get for free Autodesk Sketchbook Pro or Photoshop Elements.

The only thing that bothers me with this tablet are the tips, they rub out very fast I did a couple of full colored pictures and already rubbed one tip so much I couldn't use it anymore. Good you can buy spares but still it's a extra cost. Besides that the tablet does magic!

I have to warn you all it's a top shelf tablet and what comes with that its price! If you don't have funds you can always try and search for a second hand tablet or buy the Intuos 3 which is also great.

Time to start!

I welcome you all on my art blog on which I will post my recent works and photos of diffrent events. I created this blog to be my personal portfolio where I can submit all my pictures and adresses to all my social sites, so people can find all the needed information in one place.

Well some of you already know, I'm Bocian a rookie cartoonist with almost 24 winters on his neck. Thought I liked drawing in my past years I never tried of thinking about it as a way of earning money plus my lazyness didn't help me... so I was creating 1 drawing per 3 months for example. But that CHANGED! Now for over 10 months I've been practicing every day doing sketches, silly doodles and full artworks. I've could do this with out my artist friends which kicked me hard and kept me motivated to do all this, for which I'm very thankfull! To this very day I'm doing all I can to progress and be an better artist, hopefully someday to be amongs the ranks of good drawers and illustrators.

So why toons? Probably many of you have this question. Well I'm the kid who grown up in the 90's and I remember many great shows and movies from that time like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", "All Dogs go to Heaven", "Lion King", "Tom and Jerry", "Looney Toons" and many more to name. The seed of nostalgia is deep in me and one day I asked myself what I want to draw? I loved all those toon characters so the anwser was simple... I want to draw cartoons!

For now I'm practing and learning new things trying to feel out the forms and volumes on the characters and hope that in the future I will find a job affined with drawing.

For now I welcome you all and stay tooned for future updates :)!