25 mar 2011

CandyCorn progress.

Today I bring you something a bit diffrent, my own personal work not a commission and more over it's a picture for my friend Richard which always guided me with my art and how to tweek some stuff in my works. I'm very grateful for all he has done, so at least I can give him this!

I've done this picture in a totaly diffrent technique, no lines just color volumes :).

Step 1.
The sketch phase, a quick simple sketch with a normal round base for a head so everything can be in good proportions.

Step 2.
As it's a lineless picture, I added only flat colors and a background to see where I would draw the borders and slowly plan out the light and shadows.

Step 3.
The final one, where I gave all the shades and highlights by adding diffrent colors not just darker versions. Which gives the picture more soul and a more appealing look.

Hope you did like to see how my artwork changed from a simple (yet very messy) sketch to a fully shaded artwork in 3 steps. If you like to see such content, please feel free to leave a comment here :)!

Stay tooned for more :D!

2 komentarze:

  1. I like it! the lineless look is seemless! You must tell me how you do it >)

  2. Well the secret it not to draw any lines at all :), maybe just a few to show a small shade on his mouth ect. But for general spaces only use color volumes to show of the depth :).