27 mar 2011

Go with the flow...

Hai again!
Recently I have my ups and downs, but I try and not forget to train and draw. So did a day, two break from commissions to stand on my feet and decided to sketch some today. Develope my brain a bit and go with the flow with out planning anything with the picture! *dumDumDUM* well mainly the point was to think about it while drawing and being very chaotic. So I started with the face construction next added a hat so I was like "ok so I'll draw my character" quickly give him a pose and while finishing my bunny, there was something missing. In my head I pictured a butterfly of magic mashroom... but in the end I decided to add my friend Eko.

This is a Work-In-Progress! I will finish this picture soon, just thought to show the sketch exclusive on my blog :).

My sketches are very sloppy and still trying to make 'em look good, not only as a end product. Well thats the wonderful way of progress.

3 komentarze:

  1. Hey! I'm really happy you have been coming along with the pics!! Wanna see you succeed!!!