7 lip 2011

Hanging around

Hai again!
Being free is so awsome, no pressure with commissions gives me a really nice kick with my personal work. Funny thing that after quickly doing one commissions on FA and a gift pic for a very cool artist I said to myself "Bah! Let's do a days break from drawing" ... so I did... till 22:00 that day. I sat down and started sketching and came up with this pic for a very talented artist which kinda inspires me to go forward with my own stuff.

Step 1.
Thinking of the pose and sketching it out. (First time tried sketching something on a darker background for better visualization)

Step 2.
Doing the flat colors.

Step 3.
The final picture with details.

So yep experimented a little :) and did the picture without a black lineart. Hope you like the end result.

2 lip 2011

Character Developement

Finally finished doing my commissions and gift stuff so I can focus on doing personal drawings. So here I present you a redesign of my character. Well I didn't do much changes! But Change the leg shape make them more stubby and short with bigger paws giving him a more bunny look than the previous one. Hope it worked :)! Also I was wondering about some alternative clothing for him like for late summer or something. By influence of my real clothing I gave him a dark hat and crimson red longsleeve.

Small changes but subtle.

(click for a full view)

Well thats it for now, gonna do another upload preaty soon :)