9 mar 2011

Time to start!

I welcome you all on my art blog on which I will post my recent works and photos of diffrent events. I created this blog to be my personal portfolio where I can submit all my pictures and adresses to all my social sites, so people can find all the needed information in one place.

Well some of you already know, I'm Bocian a rookie cartoonist with almost 24 winters on his neck. Thought I liked drawing in my past years I never tried of thinking about it as a way of earning money plus my lazyness didn't help me... so I was creating 1 drawing per 3 months for example. But that CHANGED! Now for over 10 months I've been practicing every day doing sketches, silly doodles and full artworks. I've could do this with out my artist friends which kicked me hard and kept me motivated to do all this, for which I'm very thankfull! To this very day I'm doing all I can to progress and be an better artist, hopefully someday to be amongs the ranks of good drawers and illustrators.

So why toons? Probably many of you have this question. Well I'm the kid who grown up in the 90's and I remember many great shows and movies from that time like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", "All Dogs go to Heaven", "Lion King", "Tom and Jerry", "Looney Toons" and many more to name. The seed of nostalgia is deep in me and one day I asked myself what I want to draw? I loved all those toon characters so the anwser was simple... I want to draw cartoons!

For now I'm practing and learning new things trying to feel out the forms and volumes on the characters and hope that in the future I will find a job affined with drawing.

For now I welcome you all and stay tooned for future updates :)!

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  1. Excellent start! I'll be keeping a close eye on this place, of course. :D

    I hope to be with you for many years to come, seeing you evolve day by day. It's an honor knowing you. Never stop doing what you love!