10 mar 2011

Commissions and Rules

Here you can find basic information about commissions, how to place your order and how the process looks. But before you would like to place an order look on the price list picture and then continue to the rules :).

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- gore
- adult related artwork (if I ever would it will cost twice as much, for now I want my art to be clean)
- fetish
- humans
- realistic things
- trying to avoid copyrighted characters such as those which belong to Disney, Warner Bros. ect

2. You can always ask me of how complex drawing I can do, so we can discuss that. Please take in mind I have my limits and when you want a drawing above my skill level I will say simply "no".

3. If your order doesn't fit me because it's disgusting, violates any of my rules or your an untrusty person, I also will decline your order.

4. I accept PayPal only, if your from Poland you can do a money order (take in mind I will just recalculate from Euro to Złoty). Please choose "Personal Used - gift" when paying, so it won't cost me fee.

5. IMPORTANT! Because of some people here and around artist, I take money in front for my work!

6. If your not active on FA or DA please leave a contact to your self, mail or skype or send a mail to: bocian(at)bocian.im or commission(at)bocian.im

7. Feel free to submit it anywere you like with giving me credit,
Do not claim the art done by anyone else but me.
You ARE NOT allowed to resell the art!
In case you wish to use it for designs (for yourself), contact me first.


1. Flat colored character - 15€ - Lineart with basic coloring, no shades or background
+ basic shades - 5€ - Basic cell-shading
+ soft shading - 10€ - smooth shades
+ simple background - 5€ - simple flat color or a mix or a fading one
+ detailed background - 10€ - background with objects of your choice can be simple or more paint like
+ extra characters - 50% of the original price

Prices can change due to complexity of the order.

If you wish to order, send me a note with details of your order. A reference sheet of your character or rought sketch with a description which "options" you'd choose for your order. You can let me have a free hand with my drawing or give me some pointers what you want like pose, facial expression ect. Please take in mind im a beginer and I can't draw everything, if I find your order strange or improper I'll just cancel it. Regulary you will get a picture 1500x1500 (more or less that size) in 300 DPI as a PNG file. (canvas sizes can be changed)

I would like my order to be in this form it will make it easier for both sides:


1. Which options you've choose:
- One character - 15€+ soft shading - 10€+ detailed background - 10€= 35€ in total

2. Reference sheet, picture or sketch:

3. Describtion:
"I want my character with girlie cloths sitting on a couch."


When I get the note with your order I will think it over if you don't break any terms or rules also might ask a few questions about the commission itself if I wont get proper info. After setting all the important things I will give PayPal information. When I see payment I will know I can start working on the commission, the time of finishing might be diffrent from the complexity of your order. I'll try to do em ASAP, but remember I have a normal full-time job and I draw at night time. Usually I will stream it but on special demand I can do it in secret from the world. So average waiting time can be like a night or 1 day for normal pictures, as for shaded works in can take up to 2 days or more. So if your willing to wait I will be more than happy to draw for you. I can assure you from my side I will be 100% honest and trustworthy for you as my client. So I'll do my best and hope you will like your commission! :3

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