10 kwi 2011

Can I be your Buddy?

Welcome again!
This time I decided to draw a small thing for Buddy. A performer from the US which videos made me laught in an instant and I really appreciate when a suiter actually talks and with such personality. So yeah I kinda thought I must make a toon out of him. Very simple but energetic pic presenting his catch phrase.... (I don't count the YAAAAAAY's xD)

9 kwi 2011

Every one loves 'em!

Hello again!
Today after finishing my commission, I thought what else I can do today? So a had a small brain storm and I reminded myself of a very silly situation and came up with this pic. It's nothing big :3 but I like it! Always relaxing to do something simple and fun!

He loves his sticks... hahaha xD.
For AuraFox :3 

3 kwi 2011

Go with the flow... Finished


I present you my current project which is a lineless painting like picture, which absorbed about 4-5 days of streaming but finaly it's done! I'm really happy how this picture turned out! I treat is as a huge milestone! as this is to what I manage to progress during ONE YEAR of drawing! Yay for me :D!

The picture represents Bocian and Ekorren offering his last acorn, like a true friend which will help you whenever he can overcome his own needs. So this picture has two meanings, 1 it's my milestone and 2 a small gift for my friend!

Here I present two versions of it, a white background one to see the character details.
Also see the sketch version: http://bocianart.blogspot.com/2011/03/go-with-flow.html

And a fully finished one :)!

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

1 kwi 2011

Quick fun!

Hai again!
As a small break in coloring my 2 big projects which absorb all my time now, I decided to draw a fast picture for Titash of his character eating NutleKat! He's so messy doing it, at least he didn't mess up Bocian's lucky hat! Good luck with your future projects and hope all your troubles be gone with the power of Nutlekat!

Speed picture... kinda finished it in 1h30min.