1 lis 2011



I didn't post anything for so long! Gasp I feel awfull... but really didn't have anything from my personal stack to show of on the blog. But thanks to my friend and halloween I manage to create this little picture of my character bunny dressed up as Chopper from One Piece. As now I'm not an anime fan but I always liked the series and that lil' raindeer was my fav character from it plus the frikking awsome hat :D!

(click for a bigger version)

I'm working on a new pic also so watch out for it. In like a day or two I should finish it and present on this blog and my galleries, it's something diffrent than usual. For now Happy Halloween! :)

7 wrz 2011

Character Dev: Dasher

because of a few things I fall behind with my artwork and art in general so I try and catch up today!

But the thing I want to present today is another character I created. It all began some time ago when I started to think about a kids book as I want to create one in the future. But I need a proper cast for it and recognisible characters and at that point a whole thinking process went into motion. Preaty much everyone knows my Bunny character was created like in 5min, so I told myself I will take this one slow. Thought carefully about his features and characteristics. Slowly I thought of a dog character which will be a true friend, not cunning or taking interest only for himself just being there for people in need, loyal - like a dog :).

These are the first doodles sketches of him, starting from facial expressions to making him all fuzzy then made him simpler to see how he presents himself to finally sketching out his body and features.

As you can see I picked a Border Collie, why? Because I always wanted a dog like that so there I gave my personal touch to him. Yet for over a month he kinda slipped my mind... and I returned to him with a new idea about his look and making him look like a proper collie pup so here I present you the final design :)

The name was a tricky part as I take my time to think of a name that is catchy and fits a character, so by some help and inspiration from Oliver and Company (a movie made by Disney) with a very cute character called Dodger and looking at some pet name pages I thought of Dasher :).

So here you have a small story and what thinking process I was through to make my beloved puppy character :).

7 lip 2011

Hanging around

Hai again!
Being free is so awsome, no pressure with commissions gives me a really nice kick with my personal work. Funny thing that after quickly doing one commissions on FA and a gift pic for a very cool artist I said to myself "Bah! Let's do a days break from drawing" ... so I did... till 22:00 that day. I sat down and started sketching and came up with this pic for a very talented artist which kinda inspires me to go forward with my own stuff.

Step 1.
Thinking of the pose and sketching it out. (First time tried sketching something on a darker background for better visualization)

Step 2.
Doing the flat colors.

Step 3.
The final picture with details.

So yep experimented a little :) and did the picture without a black lineart. Hope you like the end result.

2 lip 2011

Character Developement

Finally finished doing my commissions and gift stuff so I can focus on doing personal drawings. So here I present you a redesign of my character. Well I didn't do much changes! But Change the leg shape make them more stubby and short with bigger paws giving him a more bunny look than the previous one. Hope it worked :)! Also I was wondering about some alternative clothing for him like for late summer or something. By influence of my real clothing I gave him a dark hat and crimson red longsleeve.

Small changes but subtle.

(click for a full view)

Well thats it for now, gonna do another upload preaty soon :)

16 cze 2011

Doodles are fun!

Well didn't post stuff in ages! Gonna change that, by adding some stuff which actuall made me happy. Like todays fast "warm-up" doodle before my stream :) So I present you this. It's a picture inspired by a guy which was really bored and my friend Yotie asked me if I think about imagining him in that role?

Anwser YES! But more crazy.

Here is the original video, thanks and stay tooned for more stuff soon :)!!!

29 maj 2011

Put our diffrences away

Hi and welcome!
After a few days of struggling I can proudly present you my second painting like picture made with the meaning to my closest friends. Which is a small step forward with forms, maybe volumes.
The picture presents Yotie and Bocian, a bunny and coyote two diffrent species... predator and prey yet do to their diffrences they appreciate and respect eachother and manage to be friends.

Wouldn't the world be better like this? With Tolerance?

So here is a progress shot of the whole pic:

Step 1.
Picking the pose and doing a sketch.

Step 2.
Adding flat colors on the charactrs and determing the line flow.

Step 3.
Smooth shading and adding the background.

And thats the whole pic, hope you like it ;). I will do more of these in the future!

15 maj 2011

Doing something good!

Welcome again :)!
This time I decided to do something good... yes I'm not always about money or being selfish as somepeople intend to think, I also have a soft side ;) and I decided to do a chartity stream on which people would be able to request small price doodles for a good cause.

Thanks to all which participated in my stream and donated money I'm really gratefull and touched that I manage to gather a very nice sum of money for all those poor animals in Ciapkowo :) Soon I will do all the transfers and post a reply mail from them.
For now here you can see all the small happy doodles made!!!

 (click for a full view)