29 maj 2011

Put our diffrences away

Hi and welcome!
After a few days of struggling I can proudly present you my second painting like picture made with the meaning to my closest friends. Which is a small step forward with forms, maybe volumes.
The picture presents Yotie and Bocian, a bunny and coyote two diffrent species... predator and prey yet do to their diffrences they appreciate and respect eachother and manage to be friends.

Wouldn't the world be better like this? With Tolerance?

So here is a progress shot of the whole pic:

Step 1.
Picking the pose and doing a sketch.

Step 2.
Adding flat colors on the charactrs and determing the line flow.

Step 3.
Smooth shading and adding the background.

And thats the whole pic, hope you like it ;). I will do more of these in the future!

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